Child abuse case brings attention to Arizona's foster care program

PHOENIX - People from all over the country want to help the 9-month-old Phoenix baby who was starved for three weeks by his mother.

Veronica Diaz was arrested this week. She admitted to starving her baby for many reasons, including financial hardships. However, Diaz admitted to police she paid over $300 for internet and cable.

Angie Penrose, with Building Arizona Families, says Diaz's case is heartbreaking. The non-profit helps families adopt children in need.

Penrose says the process of adopting a child who is in Arizona’s foster care program is more difficult.

There are over 14,000 children in Arizona's system.

After a child is in the program, “The State either starts the process to reunite them with their family, if possible, but if not then the state will start looking to sever those biological rights,” said Penrose. “Once those rights are severed, the child becomes eligible for adoption.”

Penrose adopted three children from Russia over 10 years ago.

“I can’t say it was easy but everything was worth it,” Penrose said.



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