Car restored by Valley teen to honor friend sells for $75K at Barrett-Jackson auction

Great news for a Valley teen and Phoenix Children's Hospital.

A car the teen restored to honor his dying friend sold for big bucks at the Barrett-Jackson car auction Tuesday night.

When 16-year-old Chase Harris learned his classmate Danielle had terminal brain cancer, he wanted to do something to help.

He decided to honor her the best way he knew how and restored a 1967 Camaro for her.

On Tuesday night, officials say the Camaro sold for a whopping $75,000!

The best news, the $75,000 will go to Phoenix Children's Hospital in Danielle's honor.

Chase says he didn't know Danielle very well but wanted to help her in some way.

"Even though Danielle was not a car person, she was very excited about the idea," said Chase.

Chase told Danielle he could restore the car and then sell it at an auction to help raise money for her cause.

Keeping Danielle in mind, Chase restored the Camaro. He painted it blue, her favorite color.

However, Danielle died in January 2013, 10 months after she was diagnosed with brain cancer and never got to see the Camaro.

"I want more than ever to make a significant contribution to this research on behalf of Danielle," Chase said.

Soon, Chase started Classics for Causes, a non-profit organization that restores cars and helps support cancer research.


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