Arizona moms, Jen Wood and Sharee Ruiz, become professional 'Trial Divas' after Jodi Arias trial

PHOENIX - Two Valley mothers have become professional trial watchers and have dubbed themselves: The Trial Divas.

"We go into every trial unbiased," said Trial Diva Sharee Ruiz.

Ruiz and her friend since high school, Jen Wood, created the blog, , which went from 35 hits per day to around 7,000 in just a few months, they told ABC15.

"We could actually tell a story from a spectator's point of view," said Wood. "[People] think it's all stilettos and wine and divas, but when they actually go to the blog, it's really good writing."

The friends said they've had the idea for the website for years, but just recently created it after seeing the demand for courtroom coverage during the Jodi Arias trial .

"We wanted to be the female side of it," said Wood, "Why not lighten it up a little bit?"

The women, who admittedly wear stilettos to court, regularly watched the Arias trial from inside the courthouse. They planned to attend the George Zimmerman trial in Florida, but were unable to secure media credentials.

"It doesn't feel like work," said Ruiz. "It's fun, it's like shopping."

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