American flag controversy brewing at Phoenix apartment complex

PHOENIX - An American flag controversy is brewing at a Phoenix apartment complex.

The new management company at the the Mission Palms Apartments near 16th Street and Bethany Home are now enforcing old rules that used to go ignored.

Those rules include banning outdoor decorations including American flags.

Resident and military veteran Brock Clark has a problem with that. "It's important for me to fly a flag because I have friends serving in the military now and I served and it is what America stands for," said Clark.

Clark served in the Army and Marines for 20 years and the flag he used to carry with him all those years is the same one he used to hang from his balcony, until about a week ago. That's when the new rules took effect.

"Who would be offended by an American flag is beyond me," said Clark. And he's wondering why the complex has its own American flag out front, but won't let him fly one out back.

Managers tell ABC15 that the rules are meant to keep the complex clean and clutter free.


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