Shooting at a Phoenix party includes an AK-47

PHOENIX - In a neighborhood filled with families and young children, a late night party turned into a "run for your life" 
situation, early Saturday morning.

Witnesses say someone brought an AK-47 to a Phoenix home near 63rd Avenue and Osborn, and got into a shootout with others at the party.

"All those gunshots, I think there was 60 or 70 bullets just going across the street. It was scary," said a witness who wished to remain anonymous.

With the shooters possibly still on the loose, ABC15 talked to a man who decided not to show his face. He said his cousin got into an argument with one of the gunmen, and was shot in the head by them.

"They were drunk I guess. They were not thinking straight," the man said speaking about the gunmen.

Jumping into action, the man said he came to his cousin's rescue as gun fire rang out everywhere. 

"He was already hit and down, so what I did was rush to my car, got it in the middle, so he wouldn't get hit again. He's family," he said. "He would do the same if I was in that position. I know he would. We have to have each other's backs."

Ambulances rushed to the scene, picking up at least two people who were shot.

Officers, still searching for the gunmen, called in a SWAT raid on a nearby home. They said they believed one of the gunmen lived there.

Officers have one of the suspects in custody, after he turned himself into the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Phoenix police say everyone injured is expected to survive.

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