79-year-old dies geocaching in the desert

PHOENIX - Ginny Mattille proudly shows off the the geocache that would be her husband of 37 years' last find. 

"This is the one Chuck found. He was the first to find it."

The log inside, signed by Chuck Mattille on Sunday at 11:11 in the morning.

"It's sad, but it's wonderful," she said.

Chuck, a 79-year-old adventurer, recently got caught up in a form of high-tech treasure hunting called geocaching. 

Participants log on to different websites, and get GPS coordinates of various "treasures" hidden pretty much anywhere.

Armed with a GPS, Chuck left home to hunt down a few caches as he frequently did.

"He just kinda ran rampant with it and really did it on a daily basis," his daughter, Cyndi Davis said.

After a few hours, no one heard from Chuck and the family grew worried.

"We knew it was really bad when he wasn't here for dinner," his daughter, Cheri Garic said.

The family contacted police, who didn't have enough to go on to start a search.

It was his geocaching community that sprang into action.

"They stepped up and they had deduced these specific coordinates where he could have been," his granddaughter, Desiree Tuey said.

Within a few hours, they located Chuck's car and began to scour the area.

Unfortunately, he was found dead. It appears he fell in some rocks.

Though struck with grief, the family found comfort knowing he died following his passion.

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