Wounded officer Scott Sefranka's friend first on scene after Phoenix shooting

PHOENIX - Officer Franklin Marino has known Officer Scott Sefranka for years, and knew right away it was him when he got the call on New Year's Eve.

"Hair on the back of your neck stands up and you get that uneasy feeling in your gut, your next thought is who is it, where are they, are they ok, or how bad off are they," Marino said.

Marino was in the first patrol car that arrived on scene after the shooting that left Sefranka and a Maricopa County posse member in critical condition.

"Our officer was down on the sidewalk, on his back," Marino said.

Marino said Sefranka was conscious and communicating. While his partner started with first aid, Marino realized the person responsible was still out there.

"You have to focus on the police work part of it. Where did the suspect go, are they armed," Marino said.

Marino asked witnesses to give him a description and then started calling in back up.

"That's when the training kicked in, alright, let's get a perimeter established," he said.

Marino said he knew his friend was in good hands.

"The fire department rolled out and they were putting him on a backboard, putting him in the ambulance," he said.

But he said, hearing the "officer down" call on his radio is something he'd be fine never hearing again.

"I get chills thinking about it," Marino said.



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