Witnesses say a truck plowed into a Phoenix home near 47th Avenue and Indian School Road

PHOENIX - A house near 47th Avenue and Indian School Road is boarded up, after witnesses say a pickup truck plowed through it overnight.

The homeowner,  65-year old Maxine Holmes, says she was watching TV Friday night when it sounded like a bomb exploded inside her home.

When she walked through the house she couldn't really see much because of all the dust. After stepping outside, she noticed a pickup truck was lodged in her home.

The driver, allegedly drunk, took out a fence before crashing into Maxine's bedroom. Luckily she was in a different room because the outcome could've been much worse.

"Where I would put my head," she said, "is right up near where he hit the wall and it would've killed me because it knocked the bed clear across the room."

Insulation, wood and brick were scattered all around the house. Three rooms were demolished and her belongings were underneath all the debris.

Witnesses say the driver tried re-starting his truck and taking off, but when that didn't work he tried running. Neighbors, who say the man was extremely drunk, held him down until police got there. Paramedics took him to the hospital for minor injuries.

Phoenix police say the driver was processed for DUI but not booked into jail.

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