Wife of detained Danny's Family Car Wash worker speaks out about ICE investigation

PHOENIX - Laura Torres is in complete disbelief after her husband was detained as a part of a sweeping federal investigation into 16 Danny's Family Car Wash locations across the Valley.

It's turned her world upside down.

"My children are crying every night for their father," said Torres, speaking through a translator at a Monday press conference put together by Puente Arizona in front of the Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices.

Her husband has worked for nine years at the Danny's location on 20th Street and Highland Avenue.

He was detained on Saturday, but civil rights groups believe a guy like Reynosa, who they say was deported 10 years ago for driving without a license and doesn't have a criminal record, shouldn't be detained despite his immigration history.

"In those ten years, they have built a life in the United States," said Tania Unzueta, an organizer with the National Day Labor Organizing Network. "Her two children are U.S. citizens who don't know where their dad is."

For now, all the family can do is wait.

"All I'm asking is he gets out of detention please," said Torres.

Fifteen people were arrested on criminal charges in weekend raids of the car-wash chain and its staffing-service provider.

The raids Saturday at locations associated with Danny's Family Car Wash and staffing-service provider HR Betty resulted in another 30 people being taken into custody for immigration processing because they had past criminal convictions prior orders to leave the country. Another 179 workers who had no criminal histories and no egregious immigration violations were released from custody within hours of being interviewed by federal authorities.


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