3 small things you can do to save money

From the grocery store, to the gas pump, to those bills piling up in your mailbox, everyday expenses seem to be draining money from your wallet faster than ever.

PROBLEM: As grilling season gets underway, don’t be surprised if you get sticker shock at the grocery store. Beef is up nearly 10% so far this year, and California’s drought has caused prices to skyrocket on fruit, vegetables, and dairy.

“We've been stocking up on things that are on sale, and kind of just going with that,” said Safeway shopper Barry Dye.

TIP: A simple Google search of the store you have in mind often pulls up some great coupons and offers to help you save before you get there.

PROBLEM: As temperatures start to rise, naturally so will your energy bill. But this year is especially bad. The latest outlook shows the price of electricity in our region is 8% higher than this time last year.

TIP: Turn up your thermostat while your away, get those ceiling fans moving, and avoid running the air during peak (more expensive) hours.

PROBLEM: Even at the gas pump there’s no relief in sight, with prices at an 8-month high in Arizona.

“It’s pretty rough,” said Lindsey James of Phoenix. “Definitely makes you consider taking trips and carpooling and all that.”

“There’s really nothing we can do,” said David Garcia, who drives his pickup truck for work. “I just put $92 dollars on my truck.”

TIP: Unless you switch to public transportation, it’s hard to avoid driving to work. But mapping out your errands and limiting drive time on your weekends can help you save.

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