Islamic Relief USA delivers food to Phoenix families for Ramadan

Nonprofit charity group Islamic Relief USA delivered dozens of boxes of food for Phoenix families to a local food bank today as part of a national effort for the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection and fasting for Muslims all over the world.

“Part of the month, spiritually, is about kind of putting yourself in the position of someone who is struggling,” said Minkailu Jalloh, U.S. Program Specialist at Islamic Relief USA. “Feeling that hunger and kind of having that increased sense of empathy is meant to encourage people to do more charity.”

The group, based in Alexandria, VA, packaged 3,000 30-pound food boxes earlier this month. They’re designed to feed a family of five to seven people for up to a month. They contain foods like pasta, rice, beans, oil, canned meat, cheese and dates, according to a press release from the organization.

“It is highly encouraged to do more charity during this month,” Jalloh said.

The organization will visit 20 cities delivering the boxes this month.

Jalloh said the Muslim community comes out in force to do charity work during Ramadan. And he thinks projects like this show the rest of the world what the Muslim community is really about.

“If, I think, they knew the community better, if they had more interactions with them and more experiences with them, they’d see that the norm is really things like this,” he said, “as opposed to whatever it is that they see on the news.”

The boxes are available to anyone in need, regardless of faith, at the Cultural Cup Food Bank in Phoenix.


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