Walmart workers to strike on Black Friday?

PHOENIX, AZ - Some Walmart workers say they're not happy about being asked to work Thanksgiving night.

The retail giant is opening its doors early at 8 p.m. on Thursday and that has some employees talking about a work stoppage.

News of a possible strike didn't sit well with some shoppers at the Walmart store near 36th Street and Thomas in Phoenix.

"Do they understand they have a job," asked Cynthia Smith of Phoenix. "In today's job market, I would be so thankful just to have a job."

Because of an earlier-than-normal opening time for Black Friday, some employees may trade the check out line for the picket line.

With Walmart opening its doors at 8 o'clock Thanksgiving night, some workers say they might go out on strike.

Jimmy Lewis of Phoenix tells ABC15 he supports the employees' decision.

"I think that's their right to do that," said Lewis."I believe sometimes people are overworked on the holidays so I do agree they have a valid point."

A Walmart spokesperson calls the threat of a strike a "made for TV event."

The spokesperson claims Walmart has 1.3 million workers ready to go to handle the Black Friday rush.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union represents the Walmart workers.

ABC15 reached out to the office in Phoenix about a possible strike in the Valley on Thursday but UFCW workers did not respond.

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