Viral drinking game Neknominate claims live, brings up painful memories for Valley father

PHOENIX - A drinking game has gone viral, and the urge to “one up” each other is turning it deadly.

The game is called Neck and Nominate or “Neknominate” and it’s believed to have started in Australia.

But this binge drinking game is now sweeping social media and claiming lives, with five men already reportedly dead after playing Neknominate.

Neknominate started as an online game when participants down as much alcohol as they can in a short amount of time.

But now young adults are taking Neknominate to an even more extreme level – they’re adding motor oil and rodents to the already deadly amounts of alcohol they’re downing.

Watching the videos of the game brings back painful memories for Barry Adkins, who lost his 18-year-old son Kevin in 2005 to alcohol poisoning.

“It just sickens you to see those big funnels that they’re drinking out of or they’re drinking out of a toilet,” Adkins said. “That’s the whole idea is to one up somebody, but the bottom line is someone can die.”

Kevin’s friends found him hours later, dead. Three officers came to Adkins’ door to tell him the news.

“As a parent, you hope this is all a big mistake until they hand you your child’s driver’s license and then you know he’s not coming back,” Adkins said.

Adkins walked from Arizona to Montana with his son’s ashes, stopping at schools along the way to talk to teens about alcohol. He even wrote a book about his son’s death, “Kevin’s Last Walk.”

Now he’s delivering the same message to those who play Neknominate, letting them know it only takes once for something horrible to happen.

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