Vice News writer calls Phoenix the 'worst place ever'

A Vice Magazine writer recently called Phoenix 'the worst place ever.'

He's a Phoenix resident, so maybe he has some right to give an opinion on the Valley, but either way, he lists various reasons as to why Phoenix is an awful place.

One of his reasons is the color of our desert home, which is full of "beige skies, beige walls, beige houses, beige cars, beige people..."

The writer also says that our politics and famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio make for a pretty terrible environment to live in, but so does the climate.

The author even has a bone to pick with the retail centers here, including a recently established one.

Last year though, the popular entertainment website Buzzfeed released a list of reasons why Arizona is the best state .

Millions of people call Arizona home, agreeing with the fact that we have amazing sunsets, a beautiful desert backyard with a mountainous getaway and we can have a lot of year-round fun.

Regardless, the Vice author still isn't convinced that the Valley is the place to be.

What do you think?




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