Valley workplace delivers holiday cheer

PHOENIX - One Valley workplace delivered some holiday cheer this Christmas Eve by raising money to buy more than 400 meals for those in need.

Box by box, Intel employees unloaded some welcome gifts for dozens of residents of Native American Connections.

"Everyone was really surprised. No one has done anything like that as long as I've lived here. So this is kind of new, and we're really excited about it," Linda Driskill said.

Ham, mashed potatoes and confetti corn filled the plates of residents like Driskill this Christmas Eve.

"We've got some older people that don't get out much, don't have a lot of family left, and we try to take care of those folks," Driskill said.

The gift of giving really caught on with employees, who delivered the meals themselves.

"To be able to work for a company, that wants to do that, and lets me contribute to it and involve my family, and being able to do this, it just makes you feel great," said Bev Deason, an Intel employee.

They enjoyed the giving, and residents like Linda enjoyed more than the food. They were touched so many people cared.

"It's really nice to have something this close to Christmas. It'll make it seem a little more real to them and we really appreciate that," Driskell said.

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