Valley women respond to wooing from presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

PHOENIX - Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are well-aware of the power women have in this year's election.

It wasn't a surprise when Tuesday night's debate on foreign policy turned toward women's global issues.

"These countries can't develop if young women are not given the kind of education that they need," said President Barack Obama.

ABC15 talked to some Valley women who said they like the attention they're getting from the candidates.

In fact, they want to hear even more about women's health issues, the economy and foreign policy topics like war.

According to the Huffington Post, a recent poll shows more women than men in swing states feel defense and terrorism are extremely important and will impact how they vote.

Tuesday night both Obama and Romney made it clear they were talking to women, even turning the focus on foreign policy to the economy and education.

"I love teachers and I'm happy to have states and communities that want to hire teachers do that. By the way, I don't like to have the federal government start pushing its way deeper and deeper into our schools. Let the states and localities do that. I was a governor and the federal government did not hire our teachers," said Romney.

Some of the women ABC15 spoke with said they think the candidates are doing a good job addressing the issues important to them, but feel they are not going into enough detail.

They said they still have a lot of questions they want answered before casting their votes.

Kit Weiss wanted to know from Mitt Romney, "what his ideas on women's reproductive rights are and how he would be supportive of that."

Kerry McCook wanted to know from President Obama, "Other than just raising taxes on people that are rich, I would like to know what other plans he has to try and balance the budget and to figure out how to make more jobs for people."

Peggy McCaffrey wanted the president to talk about, "his foreign policy with Mrs. Clinton and the Syrian invasions and what's going on out there."

The candidates have been neck-in-neck in women voter polls. However according to a CNN poll, more Arizona women plan on voting for Romney.

ABC15 spoke with some Valley women who have not decided yet. 

The candidates have two weeks to make their best pitch to attract undecided voters.

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