Valley women, Lori Barmore and Dawn Mougel, inspire others to volunteer

PHOENIX - A mission trip to Haiti changed the lives of Lori Barmore and Dawn Mougel forever.

"It was such an eye opening experience to go there," Lori says.

The two were part of a team of medical professionals there to provide medical care for those that might otherwise go without.

"A little bit of caring and a week out of your life can make such a huge difference," said Dawn.

Lori and Dawn realized that finding volunteers willing to help those in need was easy, but finding a way to fund the trip wasn't as easy. That's why they started "Inspire 2 Heal."

"I want anyone to be able to go on mission trips," Lori said.

So to help send anyone on these trips, the two raise funds to pay for some of the costs, meaning that volunteers can go on mission trips that might cost over a thousand dollars in airfare alone on about five hundred dollars out of pocket.

If you're interested in learning more, you can visit the Insire2Heal website.


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