Woman goes into labor while stuck in traffic on Valley freeway

PHOENIX - It was a close call for a Valley woman Tuesday morning when she got stuck in traffic while she was going into labor.

Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Larry Nunez said the woman and her friend were driving on Interstate 10 near 43rd Avenue around 7:15 a.m. when a traffic crash slowed the pair down.

The woman's friend, unable to wait, flagged down a DPS officer investigating the crash.

DPS Officer Jason Knox jumped into help.

"I had put on some gloves and made sure I had an extra blanket when the baby arrived and some ties to tie the umbilical cord. I was getting all set up," said Knox.

But before the woman gave birth, the Phoenix Fire Department arrived.

She was loaded into an ambulance and gave birth to a baby girl on the way to the hospital.

Nunez said the mother and baby are both doing fine.

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