Midwest storms: Valley residents from the Midwest reach out to family after tornadoes

PHOENIX - The huge outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest has left many people here in the Valley scrambling to get a hold of loved ones.


Kim Woolery says it's hard to see her hometown so devastated.

The past day 24 hours has been nerve wracking as she tried to make sure everyone she knows is okay.

The pictures are almost too hard for Woolery to look at.

"I look and see everything that I've seen my whole life and it's gone. The bank is gone, the school is hit, the mall is gone," she said.

Her hometown of Kokomo, Indiana was slammed by the storms. Roofs were ripped off of buildings and parts of town were left unrecognizable.

"It hit in the main downtown portion of Kokomo, and I was told that it looked like a war zone," Woolery said.

As soon as she heard the storms were picking up, she reached out to her family.

"Well it's scary. I couldn't get through, I wasn't getting any information back from anyone, and I was just trying to get any word that I could about where the storms had hit, and if in fact tornadoes had touched down," she said.

Kim watched the news and waited. Around midnight she heard back-- and found out everyone was okay.

"It's hard not being there to help, so it's been tough," she said.

She's been through tornadoes herself and knows just how terrifying it can be.

"You see a change in the skies, and you hear the noise, and they say it sounds like a freight train and it does," Woolery said.

As the community pulls together and starts to clean up, she says it's hard not being there to help.

"I know they'll all stick together and come together as a community and pull through this. It's hard, you know where do you start?"

The National Weather Service reported two EF2 tornadoes touched down in Kokomo.

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