Valley teen, Darian Harmon, has valuable trumpet stolen

PHOENIX - A valuable trumpet was stolen from a Valley teen's car on Sunday leaving the family desperate to find it.

Not only is it a rare and expensive instrument, it was first owned by the victim's great grandfather when he played for the Phoenix Symphony and other gigs across the country back in the 60's.

"It means so much to me, I hope to get it back," said Darian Harmon who had the trumpet stolen from the back of his car. 

"I heard something and looked out to see a man reaching into my son's car," said Darian's mother Jocelyn who chased the thief down the street. "He (the suspect) was riding his bike and I was yelling 'please no, no!'"

The Harmon's have visited pawn shops, checked on Craisglist and put up fliers around the neighborhood, but so far, only silence.

"To know that someone has it who can't play it and won't take care of it is heartbreaking," said Jocelyn.

Darian plans to keep playing the trumpet by borrowing one from school.

If you have any information about this crime, please call the Phoenix Police Department.

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