Valley strangers take action to help homeless veteran Ken Yarbrough

PHOENIX - A Valley veteran is spinning on some new wheels after ABC15 viewers took action to keep him mobile.

We first brought you the story of 66-year-old Ken Yarbrough , a veteran who recently learned he's dying of cancer, last week.

His story touched a lot of people — and inspired our viewers to help.

It all started with Cindy Liska, who couldn't ignore Ken when she saw him near 24th Street and Loop 202 on her drive to work. She started bringing him food and water, and getting to know his story.

Then she noticed the Vietnam vet's wheelchair, which he depends on to get around, was missing a tire.

After hearing Ken's story, Cindy's friend Ruth went online and purchased a brand new electric scooter from Craigslist.

"Coming here and giving it to him ... a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, to see somebody that's truly grateful," she said.

Another stranger also came out and donated $1,000.

"There's nobody that ever helped me like this. Nobody's ever done this to me," Yarbrough said through tears.

Ken says he'll use the money to help his friend pay rent, so he can stay at his place for awhile. That will also give him a place to charge his electric wheelchair.

"I was just a guy hurting, that's all. I'm still hurting, but not near as bad as I was," he said.

If you'd like to help Ken, you can reach out to Cindy at .



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