Valley soldier returns to Arizona just in time for Thanksgiving

PHOENIX - For returning service men and women, this year's Thanksgiving is extra special.

Paul Retzler, 30, served overseas in the Army National Guard and returned from deployment Wednesday night, just in time to spend Thanksgiving with his fiancee, Emma Wetten.

"It was very hard, especially since we were newly engaged," Rotzler said about how he felt when he was deployed to Kuwait back in January.

Rotzler deployed to Kuwait in January and hadn't seen his fiance in ten months until they met again Wednesday night.

"I was happy I wore sunglasses because I was crying," he said.

Rotzler told ABC15 he and Emma didn't know they would get to spend Thanksgiving together until last week, news they both welcomed.

"Everybody at work said they'd never seen me so happy," Wetten said.

Both of them said their reunion on Thanksgiving made the holiday even more meaningful.

"It makes it a little extra special," Retzler said. "It's one of the main things I'm thankful for."

Retzler said he doesn't have to deploy again for at least another four years.

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