Black Friday taking over Thanksgiving?

PHOENIX - What ever happened to Thanksgiving?  Not only is it the middle child between Halloween and Christmas, but now it's getting bowled over by Black Friday.

As more stores push their openings into the coveted family day turning what was once a relaxing night at home with pie, into a mad rush for deals.

Bass Pro Shops opened at 8 a.m. and didn't have a problem getting in the crowd.

"I was surprised there were so many cars, that it was pretty full out there," said Brenda Lutz whose husband had pleaded to stay home.

"It's a lot better, I don't think a lot of people know to come out on Thanksgiving," said shopper Scott Sontag.

But it isn't all about steals and deals, the Delgado family are making Black Friday a family event.

"I wait in the line for the fun of waiting in line," said Marissa Delgado.

The Delgados and their relatives, the Browns, have been camping out in the Best Buy parking lot in Ahwatukee since Monday.

It's their second year at the front of the line and if you think they're foregoing the turkey, think again.

The family not only has a couple of tents, chairs and a big screen TV, they brought the turkey fryer and a camping stove.

"We're making all the fixings like mash potatoes, green bean casserole and butternut soup, pies," said Delgado.

The Delgados have attracted some attention with their home away from home, but for them, camping is their Thanksgiving.

"It's amazing how many people walk by and half are for you and half are like 'what's wrong with you?'" said Delgado.

She then added, "It's not like I'm missing anything, I'm not missing Thanksgiving, and I'm not missing my family because my family is here."

"It's been fun spending time with friends and new friends I've met -- it's been fabulous." said Sally Mangan, who was invited to join the Delgados for camping fun.

After all, they do say 'home is wherever your family is'.

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