Valley schools battling with head lice

PHOENIX - Valley pediatricians are seeing an increase in the number of head lice cases in 2014 that is very difficult to get rid of.

Dr. David Curran with East Valley Children's Center said that he is seeing several cases every week.

Lice is most common with younger kids because they are closer in proximity to each other and are more likely to have head to head contact.

"People are treating it with over the counter medications as a preventative measure when they get notification of a case at school," he said.  "That is making the lice more resistant to the treatments."

In most cases, Curran said a prescription treatment is needed.

Kimberly Pickens with No Nit Noggins in Scottsdale said she has been treating hundreds of cases a month.

Her clinic offers an all-natural alternative to other lice treatment with a combination of an in-clinic treatment and shampoos.

"Most people said they got rid of it several weeks ago and then it came back," she said.  "When in fact, it
never really went away."

Pickens said parents should not just look for adult bugs in the air but signs of eggs.  Those are usually white and often look more like dandruff.

Her clinic is offering free head checks through March and even works with schools.

Additional information on Lice can be found on the CDC website

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