Valley radio personality Mairym 'Monti' Carlo reunited with long-lost brother

PHOENIX - Decades of searching for a long lost family member has come to an end for a Valley woman.

Personal issues had caused a split in her family, and on Friday, she was reunited with the brother she hasn't seen in decades.

Richard LePore paced back and forth in the lobby of the 103.9 FM studios while waiting to meet morning radio host Mairym "Monti" Carlo.

The two are brother and sister, and haven't seen each other in 20 years until Friday.

Carlo told ABC15 she gave up searching for her brother, but it wasn't until her recent appearance on the reality show "Master Chef" that got the ball rolling.

It seems a stroke of luck is just what they needed.

The siblings lived just miles apart from each other in Florida during the same time period but never crossed paths.

Fast forward to Friday, and and they started up right where they left off.

For the last hour of Carlo's show, her brother was right by her side to laugh and to cry.

"Every person should know where they are from and who their family is, otherwise you will grow old with a missing part of yourself," said Robert.

Carlo and LePore said they are planning a family reunion next year, so all their brothers and sisters can be together once again.

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