Valley pilot Stan Craig weighs in on missing Malaysia Airlines plane

PHOENIX - Former commercial pilot Stan Craig has been following the situation in Malaysia closely. 

He said he has a pretty good idea what he thinks probably happened.

"I would say it's catastrophic, personally I think it's a catastrophic explosion," Craig said.

Craig said knowing the transponder was turned off tells him more than anything.

"No pilot would do that, would turn off the transponder and just make a turn back towards the airport," he said.

He said he has a theory about what happened.

"Somebody breached the cabin and got in there and turned them off," he said.

It's a scary thought, one of several being debated among the pilot community.

Craig said after days of searching and coming up empty handed, it doesn't look good.

"I don't think they're going to find any survivors," he said.

The company that operates commercial imaging satellites is using its satellite to take high-res photos of the area where the jet might have gone.

If you would like to view the photos, you can go to the Tomnod website.

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