Valley mom wants justice after son Kevin Vicente attacked by pit bull

4-year-old still in hospital after attack

PHOENIX - A four-year-old attacked by a pit bull is still recovering in the hospital.             

Kevin Vicente is holding on tight to his mom, trying to push past the pain.

The attack happened back in February.

Kevin’s mom, Floridalma rushed to the hospital but couldn’t see her son for 11 hours.

Kevin’s right eye won’t open and doctors say he’ll need more surgeries to fix his tear duct and repair facial muscles.

There’s a worldwide push to save the dog. More than 40,000 people have joined the online campaign to keep the dog from being euthanized.

“It’s hard to hear that people like the dog more than my son,” said Floridalma.

Kevin’s mom wants the dog to be euthanized. She said in her country, Guatemala, “We believe if they taste human blood then they will attack again.”

A judge will decide the fate of Mickey on Tuesday.

Kevin and his mom don’t have any family in the United States. They’re facing over $30,000 in medical bills.

If you would like to help, head to the Maricopa Health Foundation website.


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