Valley man, Michael Crane, charged with killing 3 wants to represent himself in court

PHOENIX - A man accused of killing three people in two different robberies in the Valley wants to be his own lawyer and represent himself in court.

Michael Crane walked into court on Tuesday morning escorted by three heavily protected sheriff deputies.

A defiant Crane told the judge he wants to get rid of his lawyers.

"Are you asking that you are able to represent yourself," asked the judge. "I'm not asking. I am representing myself," replied Crane.

Crane faces the death penalty.

He is accused of murdering Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro in their Paradise Valley home back in January.

A week prior, Crane is also accused of killing Bruce Gaudet at his Phoenix apartment.

Police say he set fire to both homes after the murders.

The judge said he would decided on October 4 if Crane could represent himself.

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