Valley listed on '10 Worst Black Friday Moments' after 2011 Buckeye Walmart arrest

PHOENIX - The 2011 Black Friday incident in which a police officer threw a grandfather to the ground at a Buckeye Walmart has become one of the "10 Worst Black Friday Moments," according to

Buckeye police arrested Jerald Newman, then 54, and accused him of shoplifting when they claim he stuffed a video game into his pants.

Newman said he was only trying to protect his grandson in the chaotic crowd.

He was never charged, nor was the police officer.

The grandfather is now suing for $500,000.

The same year, a California woman blasted pepper-spray into a group gathering inside a Los Angeles Walmart.

Some witnesses claim she unleashed the chemical to scare away shoppers from the deal she wanted, others said she did it in self-defense.

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