Valley father and daughter search for one another, discover both volunteer at same place

PHOENIX - Two Valley people are truly reconnecting on this Father's Day.

After 24 years, a Valley father and daughter have found each other after realizing they've been volunteering at the same place for a year.

Amy Roberson and Pastor Will Russell, who used to go by Andrew, have both been volunteering at the Phoenix Rescue Mission for the last year.

Roberson knew she was adopted, but had spent years thinking about the day she could meet her birth parents.

At the same time, Russell knew he had a daughter and would pray that she know Christ and that they would eventually meet.

Both said they felt a strong urge to volunteer at the Phoenix Rescue Mission as much as possible. Roberson would try to locate her father using various social media sites and search engines.

One day, Roberson came across a potential phone number and made the call.

"Is this Andrew?," she said. And it was.

Watch the video above to hear more about their story.


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