Valley family forced out of their home by weekend storms

A Valley family is staying in a hotel room this weekend after strong storms hit their neighborhood.  
Three adults and six children lived in the home near 16th Street and Broadway Road, but on Friday morning their ceilings caved in because of too much water.
"All of the drips pretty much turned into openings," said Denisha Watson. She lives in the home with her three kids as well as her two sisters and their three children.
Denisha walked through the damage for our cameras on Saturday.  
"All alongside of this wall right here water was just rushing down like a faucet. I had to have somebody remove the insulation and the sheetrock," she said.
The holes in her ceiling now taped up to keep out the water. Furniture and shoes damaged by the rain. Wet clothes still hang outside on the fence. Pots and tubs, still collecting rainwater.
"I really thought the roof was going to cave all the way in on us," Denisha said.  
The damage is also a safety issue.
"I've never seen anything like that in my life," she said. "It was even shooting out of the electrical outlets, the water was coming out of the wall."
Denisha spoke with the Red Cross who's stepping in to help. But the stress of it all is still overwhelming.
"It's not livable so they referred us to the Red Cross and they're going to assist us in finding somewhere to go," she said.
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