Valley experts weigh in on mall shooting

PHOENIX, AZ - In the wake of Tuesday's mall shooting in Oregon , many people are wondering how to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

ABC15 put together a panel of experts to discuss guns and gun violence Wednesday from an anti-gun criminal defense attorney, to a former Phoenix police officer to a Scottsdale psychiatrist.

"The fact is strict gun laws, keeping people from having guns works," said Phoenix-based criminal defense attorney Vladimir Gagic.

Gagic tells ABC15 the answer to gun violence is outlaw guns altogether with the lone exception being hunters.

"It saves lives," said Gagic. "It may not be popular, but it saves lives."

Former police officer Andy Hill said people ought to have the right to carry guns.

However, Hill wants to see limitations placed on the amount of ammunition someone can purchase and strict guidelines on who can own an automatic weapon.

"If you want one, you should have to pass certain regulations to have one to know you're a good citizen," said Hill.

Licensed psychiatrist Michael Yasinski of Scottsdale said the key lies in detecting the red flags before someone goes on a rampage.

Dr. Yasinski said look for signs such as someone isolating themselves or abusing drugs or alcohol after a traumatic event like losing a job or breaking up with a significant other.

If you suspect something might be amiss, Dr. Yasinski suggests people call police and have them do a house check.

"That's the best you can do," said Dr. Yasinski. "It's not a foolproof plan but it's not done enough in some of these cases."

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