Valley dressmaker Randall Christensen designs outfits for the Olympics

In a small industrial plaza in central Phoenix, Olympic dreams are being made one stitch at a time.

"I've been doing costumes since the late 70's,” said Randall Christensen.

The Valley dressmaker has designed and created the outfits on "Dancing with the Stars."

But now, his work is on the world stage.

Christensen is hoping he can play a part in bringing home the gold from Sochi.

"The Olympic stage is the biggest stage in the world. It doesn't get any bigger than this."

In a workshop full of sequins, sashes, and all things that sparkle, Christensen is creating works of art.

United States ice dancers Meryl Davis and her partner Charlie White are showing off Randall's designs on the ice in Sochi. Randall says he was moved to tears by the pair in rehearsals.

"All of a sudden I felt something on my cheek, and realized it was tears. I was crying, I was so proud.”

He believes getting the outfits just right is crucial for the athletes.

"Everything is riding on their look when they take the ice. The hair, the makeup, your presentation, fingernails, everything, including the costume sets the tone before you have to back it up with your skating."

Randall hopes he provides the tools needed to be the best.

"If I can help you feel that way when you take the floor or take the ice, my job is done, and I have you on your way to being successful, I think."

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