Valley couple Mike and MoniQue Shaldjian dream of winning $500M Powerball jackpot

PHOENIX - A Valley couple decided to stack the Powerball deck in their favor by getting friends in on the fun.

They opened up a pool on Facebook asking the first ten friends that got back to them to contribute $50 each.

"We know the chances are low, but it's fun for 48 hours to dream of what you will do," said Mike Shaldjain with his wife MoniQue by his side.

The agreement the couple made with friends is that they have to pay up front. Some did it with PayPal, others deposited the money directly into Mike's back account. For that, they will get photo copies of all 250 tickets.

If they are the lucky ones, Mike and MoniQue plan to buy a new car and take a long trip to Europe.

The odds of winning are said to be 1 in 175 million.

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