Boston Marathon tragedy: Valley couple returns from Boston Marathon

PHOENIX - A Valley couple hopped on the first flight they could after attending the Boston Marathon, where two bombs exploded near the finish line.

Shayna Wier trained for an entire year to run in the Boston Marathon, while Aaron Mayberry cheered her on from the sidelines from the same area as where those explosions went off.

The couple didn't find out about the explosions until they were at the airport waiting for their flight back to Phoenix.

"We got text messages asking if we were alright and we were like what happened?" said Shayna.

Aaron had been standing on the sidelines watching Shayna finish the race in the same general area where the explosions went off.

"It was 20 minutes later it went off and I got mad.  It's so scary." said Aaron.

The couple had friends who were participating in the race and has learned that they are OK.

Both are happy to be home and alive, but admit the bombing puts a damper on their Boston Marathon experience.

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