Valley Catholics pleased with new pope

PHOENIX - Valley Catholics spent their first Sunday with a new Pope and a new hope for the future.

"I think he will be good," said Rose Grabiec. "He's a good man."

At St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Phoenix, the congregation seemed impressed with the new pontiff. They like the fact that he is Hispanic and a Jesuit who took a vow of poverty. 

Pope Francis is already being called a man of the people. This was witnessed Sunday in Rome when he came down from a window in the Vatican to meet people face to face.

"He not only took a vow of poverty, but the way he lives his life is beautiful," said Father Vince Mesi of St. Mary's.

Catholics are keenly aware of the church's shortcomings including the sex scandals, but also how it struggles to fit into the lives of 21st Century Catholics.

"I hope being Hispanic, and the way he has with people, he can bring more people into the religion," said Rose Antoniades.


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