Investigator: Recent UFO sighting solved

PHOENIX - Do you believe there's something else out there? 
Just days from the 15th anniversary of the 'Phoenix Lights' event , a new documentary was unveiled at a Phoenix movie theatre.

The 105-minute documentary features new witness testimony and computer generated images of the event that caught the nation's attention.

"Most things can be explained, only a small percentage cannot," said 'Phoenix Lights' researcher and Executive Producer of the documentary Dr. Lynne Kitei.

Kitei said she videotaped the images and took photographs of the lights from the balcony of her home the night of March 13, 1997.

She left behind a career in medical field to focus on finding answers.

"I wouldn't have come forward from a successful medical career if it wasn't a serious topic," said Kitei.

The government says the lights over the Valley that night were military training flares.

"The official explanation of military flares was accepted, I mean people look for a logical explanation, I looked for a logical explanation," said Kitei. "It is definitely unidentified."

The images, according to Kitei, have become legendary worldwide.

"The 'Phoenix Lights' is now being considered around the world as the most important and most documented mass sighting in modern history," said Kitei.

The 15th anniversary arrives as a new set of lights has national UFO investigators taking a close look at the skies over the Valley.
In two clips totaling about four minutes, a Valley resident videotaped an eye-catching series of lights in the night sky over north Phoenix near Cave Creek.
The person recorded the "V" shaped object about 10 days ago.

He and several witnesses with him turned the video over to the Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON .
According to AZ MUFON Director Jim Mann, the source of the lights was LED lights attached to a kite.

MUFON said that this is exactly what this organization is for, to make these types of determinations.

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