Arizona's U.S. Senator Jon Kyl talks ABC15 about his future plans

PHOENIX - Just one day after shocking the political world with a surprising announcement that he won't run again, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl is talking to ABC15 Daybreak Anchor Susan Casper on Friday.

She talked with the veteran lawmaker about his future plans.

"As far as the private sector goes, what are your interests and what do you want to do from here?" she asked.

"I'd really like to do something where I still have the ability to be involved in public policy in some way," said Kyl. "I'm not going to give up politics I'll still be supporting candidates running for office, helping them raise money and that sort of thing."

When asked what type of candidate should step up to the plate to take on his role of U.S. Senator, Kyl replied, "Somebody who understands you're hired by the people of Arizona and work for them. Have humility about your job understand human nature so you can appreciate what they want you to do back in Washington and work very, very hard to get that done."

Sen. Jon Kyl announced Thursday he will not seek re-election next year after three terms in office. 

The surprise announcement comes at a time when Congress is about to undergo a significant makeover with several incumbents either stepping down or facing tough re-election challenges.

The decision to retire by Arizona's junior senator set off an immediate scramble for what will be Arizona's first open Senate seat in 18 years.

Kyl, who has become a leading conservative voice on foreign affairs, said at a news conference it was time to give someone else a shot at the seat he's held since 1994. He said he announced his retirement now to give fellow Republicans time to raise money and formulate their campaign strategies.

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