Two 6-year-old girls missing from their elementary school and parents say 'no one noticed'

PHOENIX - A 6-year-old girl walked away from her elementary school and is found a mile and a half away.

Kaya Jones' parents Seth and Andrea Jones say school officials didn't even notice their daughter missing until Police returned her sometime later.

Kaya was a student at Southwest Elementary School near 10th Avenue and Dobbins in Phoenix until the incident happened.

Kaya tells ABC15 she and a classmate went to the bathroom, when they noticed two stray dogs on the playground.

The two young girls followed the dogs who led them through an opening in the school's perimeter fence.

"We went through the hole, it was a big hole. And then we went in an alley." said Kaya.

Kaya added that her and friend found themselves lost in a neighborhood, and started knocking on doors for help but were turned away several times.

"We knocked and they said they couldn't help us," said Kaya. "Then we knocked and this man helped us. He gave us flower necklaces."

"We're just lucky he was a nice guy." said Seth Jones.

But Jones couldn't believe anyone would turn two 6-year-old lost girls away.

"It kind of hurts," said Seth.

Even more unbelievable to Jones is what took place after Kaya was found.

The school had called Kaya's mother Andrea Jones and instructed they come into the office right away.

"We didn't know what had happened," said Andrea who felt school administrators were putting the blame on Kaya for walking away.

"I can't believe no one would check on her after 10 minutes. They went to lunch and came back and still didn't know she was missing, " said Andrea.

Jones said school administrators told her that Kaya was gone for 45 minutes, but they believe she may have been gone for hours because of how far she got."

Joseph Ortiz, a spokesperson with the Roosevelt School District said the issue surrounded a substitute teacher who wasn't used to the classroom.

Ortiz also said the fence Kaya climbed through has already been repaired 10 times this school year, but that vandals continue to cut through it.

The Jones' have hired a lawyer and are now taking legal action against the school district.

"One, we want the fence to be fixed correctly, and two we want those people responsible to be disciplined." said Seth Jones.

"We don't want this to ever happen again."  added Andrea.

As for Kaya, she says she won't walk away again.

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