Jodi Arias trial: Travis Alexander's sister thanks supporters in Facebook message

One of the sisters of Travis Alexander wrote a message on Facebook thanking all of the people who have been supportive of the Alexander family.

Tanisha Sorenson wrote the message on a Facebook page that is dedicated to the Jodi Arias murder trial .

Sorenson has been in the courtroom since the trial started and is frequently shown on TV during the trial along with her husband, sister, and brother.

Below is a copy of what Sorenson wrote:

To the supporters of Travis and Our family,

I just want to express how grateful Our family is to all of you for the loving support you have all shown us. Whether it's been support thru these pages, or thru your prayers, or thru sending us donations for our travel expenses, or thru sending us messages on facebook, or sending us Cards , Drawings of Travis, or making us Jewelry , quilts or gift cards and sending to them thru my PO box, or if its you coming to court and showing support, or thru tying your blue ribbons around trees, mailboxes, or by you wearing your blue ribbons , even your children showing support by setting up on the side of the street and doing a lemonade stand to help raise us money for our expenses in the hope we see Justice for Travis.

Whatever it is that you have done to show us support, I can't even express how many tears have ran down my face , even as I write this, because my heart feels so much love from all of you, so much gratitude, so many people who are strangers who I've never met and never will meet her on earth, still showing so much love... I just want you to know you are all a part of my families love, pain, and endurance.

You have all been here for us and we feel your love, we feel your sacrifice, we feel your support, and we Know Our Heavenly Father hears your prayers and He will not let us down, it's our faith in him and Jesus Christ that we will see Justice for Travis and feel the love The Lord has for us.

We are all blessed that thru the Atonement we will return to live With Our Heavenly father, Jesus Christ, and our Eternal families again. I look forward to living with my parents again, I look forward to living with My Brother TRAVIS again, I look forward to giving him the biggest hug I can think of giving , I look forward to as I'm passing out of this life into the next life hearing him sing as I'm arriving there, I look forward to meeting you all in Heaven someday, and I know I will see you there.

Travis will see you there and hug each one of you for showing his family love thru these hard days. Travis will greet you there and he will be gearing up to make you laugh and smile and make you feel the Love he has for all of you!

Until then I will continue to feel your love in my heart, and continue to pay it forward, I will continue to pray that there is soon Justice for Our family and for our sweet brother Travis. I have received cards, gifts, donations , drawings, etc..and I have sent out and will continue to send out thank you cards for what Our family has gotten in My PO box.

You have brighten up our days, and I know the Lord will bless you and your family with Love and happiness.

Thank you all, With Love, Tanisha Sorenson

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