Top 7 tips to stay safe while shopping

PHOENIX - With many busy shopping days ahead, police have seven tips to keep you safe this holiday season.

With many stores open late at night, many people are out shopping at times when they normally wouldn't be.

The Tempe Police Department released a list of tips to keep in mind all year long, especially during the holidays.

Always park in a well lit area and take note of where you park so you don't appear lost when leaving.

Hold your purse close to you and make sure it is zipped or the flap is next to your body.

Don't carry large sums of cash and thin out your wallet to reduce how many bank cards you are carrying at any given time.

Have your keys out and ready to go when you leave the store.

Don't leave valuables or presents in plain sight in your car. Lock them in the trunk and keep the receipts separate.

Have your cell phone out and don't hesitate to report suspicious behavior.

The main thing is to be alert and not let the busy time of year distract you from staying safe.

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