Girl survives near drowning in Phoenix, family upset pool fence wasn't fixed by apartment complex

PHOENIX - A Valley family's worst fear came true Tuesday afternoon.

They say they've been complaining about a busted pool fence at the apartment complex where they live when the one thing they've been trying to prevent happened.

Edgar Box and Epiphany Flores' three-year-old little girl was with her grandmother at the complex near 36th Street and Thomas. The girl's grandmother Denza Simpson said they were on the way to do laundry when the girl walked through a large hole in the pool fence and fell in. 

"My wife called me at work and she was mumbling on the phone," Box says.

Box was just a block away and showed up in time to give her CPR

"Everybody was screaming and hollering," says Flores.

"My granddaughter fell in the pool and I went in to save her," says Simpson.

Box is relieved his daughter is safe and sound, but he's still very emotional because this near-tragedy could have been prevented.

His wife pointed out the broken pool fence to management months ago. "Me and my mom complained a couple of times," says Flores.

But it was never fixed. "My baby almost died because they don't want to fix the pool," Simpson says.

The Phoenix Fire Department checked out the toddler after the incident and says she'll be just fine. But, Box says he starts to cry when he thinks about what could have been.

"The thought that I could have lost my child. That's my daughter. That's the love of my life right here. I don't want to see anything happen to my babies," he says.

Management at the apartment complex didn't want to talk on camera. But, when we showed up, they were in the process of repairing the hole in the pool fence. 

Box says he's happy it's being fixed, but says it's a shame it took a child almost drowning for this to happen.

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