Tips to avoid expensive pool repairs from freeze

PHOENIX - The temperatures are about to drop in the Valley and it's not just plants, pipes and pets you need to worry about.

Brian Morris with We Fix Ugly Pools said add pools to that list.

He said water in your pool's pipes, pump, filter and heater can freeze, then crack.

And pool repairs aren't cheap.

He said over the two weeks that followed the deep freeze of 2011, We Fix Ugly Pools made $150,000 worth of repairs to Valley pools.

He said homeowners could end up paying anywhere from $95 to $3,000 depending on the repair.

The cold weather is the hardest on salt water pools, Morris said.

The water in the salt chlorinator can freeze and cause it to crack at the seams.

He said you can wrap your pool pipes with Styrofoam insulation, but that's actually excessive.

He said the best solution is to set your clock timer to go off at 9 p.m. - 7 a.m. because running water cannot freeze.

He said it's a simple solution to avoid a costly problem.

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