Tips for parents when children are grieving

PHOENIX - Grief counselors were on hand at Sandra Day O'Connor High School Monday, days after two students were killed in an apparent murder-suicide over the weekend.

Police allege 15-year-old Matthew Bolton shot and killed Anastasia Greer, 16, before turning the gun on himself, Friday, March 7 in front of a Phoenix home.

Authorities said Bolton and Greer had recently broken up, however, a motive in the killing has not been released.

In time of tragedies, it leaves friends, families and classmates asking one question, "why?" There isn't always an easy answer.

But parents have the opportunity to to help teens cope with tragedy and heartbreak.

"Everyone is going to have some level of shock. The boys won't admit it. The girl will," said Dr. Mark Wellek, a child and young adult psychiatrist.

"There is no wrong thought or feeling about this, there is just a lot of painful feelings," he said.

He also says its important for parents to let children grieve and express their feelings. He says the feelings or words they say aren't wrong or always right, but they can help them cope.

This allows parents the opportunity to truly listen and start a conversation with their child.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

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