Thousands gather to mourn, honor fallen Phoenix Police Detective John Hobbs

PHOENIX - Thousands lined streets today to pay their respects to detective Hobbs proving once again, that the Valley always comes together in a time of tragedy.

”Days like these where you can come out and pay your respect and just reflect what life is about and be safe, is important to me,” said Randy Rajewski.

For nearly 4 hours, Rajewski sat holding an American flag, and waiting.

“There was nothing that was going to keep me from paying my respects today,” he said.

Rajewski is waiting in the hot sun to honor a hero - Phoenix Detective John Hobbs, who was killed in the line of duty trying to apprehend a murder suspect.

“That's what it's all about; we stand behind each other and support each other in times of grief,” says Rajewski.

Many lined the streets to watch Det. Hobbs off to his final resting place.

“It's just heart-breaking. My heart hurts for the officer and his children and his wife,” said Kristan Hintze.

Hintze took her son out of school today so that he could witness Det. Hobbs' final journey.

“I think everybody is going to have a tear in their eye. This is just a really solemn day,” she said.

“You dread that call, you pray that you never get that call,” said Elizabeth Richert.

For Richert, it's especially difficult to hear that an officer has been killed in the line of duty; her father is a Glendale police officer and her 2 year-old son Jagger already wants a badge of his own.

“You're always watching and if something happens to one of the officers, you're always praying 'it's not mine, it's not my dad, not a family member,'  but at the same time, you hate for it to be anybody's family member.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking, but it's something that we have to deal with and they're out there risking their life and we have to support them in what they do,” she said.

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