Genetically-modified plants and vegetables, now are salmon next?

PHOENIX - You've heard of genetically modified plants and even vegetables, but a company is hoping to serve up the first genetically altered meat.

Dubbed 'frankenfish' the company aims to be the first to serve up a type of Salmon that grows faster and larger than the average, according to an ABC News report .

It's certainly not the first time scientists have tinkered with nature aiming to improve food.

Thirty miles south of Phoenix, a USDA facility is packed with scientists who have worked to modify deserts crops to grow faster with more yield with less water.

Several years ago, ABC15 was given access to the US Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center .

During the tour, scientists explained how they have worked with plants to enhance their output and to help cotton farmers dealing with drought.

The scientists at the facility said they were even working to make hot peppers - not so hot.

As for the genetically altered salmon, to read and view the entire ABC News exclusive report, click here .

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