The buzz behind new spa treatment the 'bee sting facial'

PHOENIX - Believe it or not, scientists found a way to turn the deadly venom of an angry bee hive into a nice, soothing, calming facial.

"Kate Middleton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Victoria Beckham and I figured if they're willing to talk about it, then it's something I feel confident to have it done for myself and my clients," said Dannielli Marcelino, an Aesthetician at Suddenly Slimmer Spa in Phoenix.

Here's the good news, the only stinging you'll feel from the "bee sting facial" is from the products, not live bees. The venom is harvested, dried, purified and then incorporated into the masks, moisturizers and serums.

"The neat thing with the bee venom is that it tricks the skin to think that it's stung by the bee, so it goes into a major reaction," Marcelino said.

Immediately, you can see redness on the patient's face, which Marcelino said is a good thing. She said it's caused by the blood targeting certain areas and stimulating the production of collagen and other natural anti-aging chemicals in the body.

"It's called nature's natural botox because the bee venom gets into the muscle layer too and gently starts to relax the muscles, so it's not so aggressive with the expression," Marcelino said.

She explains her clients at Suddenly Slimmer Spa also see improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. 

In fact, after the hour-and-fifteen minute treatment, "My face feels tight. I feel rejuvenated. I'm very comfortable," said Jessica Horonenko.

She said she can see and feel the effects with very little pain.

If you're curious, researchers harvest the bee venom without harming the bees. They use a special glass with an electric current, which encourages the bees to sting the glass. 

By the way, if you have a bee allergy, this facial is not recommended for you.

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