Catching up with 'The Bachelor' contestant Courtney Robertson

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - It was the fairytale ending Courtney Robertson dreamed of. "I was head over heels and madly in love," Courtney remembers.

But, when the cameras stopped rolling, she says she felt brainwashed by the show.

"I couldn't talk to my family, you're so removed. You can't read books, you can't have music and I was gone for two and a half months. So, your main focus is that person and this developing relationship and I think that's why it works in such a short period of time," she says.

Two days before she was supposed to move to San Francisco to be with Ben Flajnik, the couple agreed to end their engagement.

"If you love someone, you don't take your stress out on them and just be mean to them. That's kind of what happened. I just saw another side. On the show, he didn't have to work. It was just all about us and being in love. But he's gone six months of the year. At the end of the day, I needed more," she says.

Still, when we asked her about Ben's tabloid interview saying he regretted picking Courtney and had lost all respect for her, she became visibly upset.

"That was really, really hurtful. When you know somebody so well, he knew me so well, he knows that's the one thing he could say that would really hurt me and it did."      

But, Courtney says she's moved on... and is so happy.

"When you're in the wrong relationship and situation, you can kind of lose yourself a little bit. I feel like that's past me and I'm happy."

As for this season of "The Bachelor," Courtney says the biggest surprise is the fact that Sean Lowe seemed to be truly in love with many different women. 

Courtney said when you talk to people on past seasons of "The Bachelor," they say they knew from the beginning who they would pick at the end.

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