Terry Goddard talks about Democratic nomination as Secretary of State

Terry Goddard stopped by ABC15 Saturday morning to talk about his next venture into Arizona politics after recently becoming the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State.

The battle between Republican candidates Michele Reagan , Justin Pierce and Will Cardon ended with the top spot being taken by Reagan.

Goddard, who was the only Democratic nominee for the position, received a walk-off win in the primary election.

The well-known Arizona politician has served time as mayor in the 1980s and Arizona's Attorney General in the 2000s.

"Secretary of State is the 'Chief Elections Officer' and right now Arizona is in a crisis," Goddard told ABC15's Nick Ciletti. "Not many people are participating and Independents, who are now the biggest group of voters, are feeling shut out of the system. It's up to the Secretary of State to get them back in..."

Goddard also stated that 'dark money' is another one of the big issues in the state. He said he wants all of the money being put into elections to be transparent because right now, there's a large amount of undocumented cash being poured in.

In one of his election advertisements, Goddard claimed to work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

"A lot of people have to be involved to get a solution in politics in Arizona," Goddard said. He mentioned that he has worked a lot with Independents because he wants to find out exactly why so many people are unaffiliated with a specific party. Their votes are very valuable and are important to look at.

Goddard said that as Secretary of State, it would be his job to make sure the Independent voters come back and participate fully in the system.

Goddard, whose father also served time in Arizona politics, thinks that Arizona politics have changed a lot, largely because of money.

'Dark money' and an unmatched amount of money are being filtered into elections and influencing decisions- something that needs to be taken care of and looked into.

Goddard says he wants it to stop. "It's very important that we know who it is behind those dollars," Goddard said.

ABC15 attempted to reach out to Republican nominee Michele Reagan and is expecting to speak with her soon.

See the complete results of the Arizona primary election by clicking here .

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