Terry Darcy of Phoenix allegedly made, used fake coupons

PHOENIX - Authorities say a Phoenix woman is accused of making and using fake store coupons to support her drug habit.

Phoenix police say 51-year-old Terry Darcy could have obtained more than $300,000 annually in fraudulent theft and returns.

They say several Target department stores in the Phoenix metro area suspect Darcy used homemade coupons, allowing her to get large quantities of product for free.

A six-week investigation showed business losses of more than $175,000.

Police searched Darcy's hotel room last Friday and reported finding master copies of coupons.

Officer say Darcy told them she had been running her operation since 2008 and has a $145-per-day heroin addiction.

Darcy was arrested on suspicion of several felonies including possession of forged instruments and trafficking in stolen property.

She doesn't have a lawyer yet.

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